About Schroder


Our parent company SCHRÖDER GmbH is based in Germany and was founded there on December 1st, 1977 in Niersbach, a small town in the South-West, just 20 miles from Germany's oldest city, Trier.

As the company's long-term location Niersbach became too small, in September 2011 SCHRÖDER GmbH moved to a new and more spacious Logistics Centre in Föhren, a small town just off the Autobahn A 48 and just a few miles away from Trier.

The company's objective was to produce power tools for multiple hobby-applications, as well as various professional tasks, giving the users high-performance power-tools in a size that had never been offered before. Through engineering and producing a full line of power tools for the intricate project, putting the stress on low weight and slim design, SCHRÖDER GmbH very quickly became a synonymous for high quality tools in this segment, without ever compromising performance.

Our philosophy has always been to provide the user with tailor-made tools for special projects, instead of offering multi-function equipment which is made for everything, but can't do anything right. Focusing on this goal has facilitated ongoing development of useful tools, leading to a line of more than 50 units for many different applications, all aimed at making intricate projects easier and more precise for our customers. Our commitment to highest quality and service has made it possible to create a line that finds loyal customers all over the world. Baltimore, MD, is the location of the headquarters for the North American market SCHRÖDER USA along with five warehousing spanned across the country with three addition distribution centers in Canada and Mexico.